CAFE Reading uses the ‘Daily 5’

As part of the CAFE reading program we use the ‘Daily 5’ approach. Here is a little bit about it ūüôā

Read to self

When we ‘Read to Self’¬†we do the following:

1. Choose a good fit book

2. Don’t sit next to friends

3. Stay in one spot

4. Read quietly

5. Keep body still

6. Read the WHOLE time

7. Get started right away

Read to someone

When we¬†‘Read to Someone’¬†we do the following:

1. Sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee (EEKK)


¬†Lukah & Jayden sitting ‘EEKK’

2. Stay in one place

3. Use a quiet voice

4. Read the WHOLE time

5. Get started straight away

Listen to reading

When we¬†‘Listening to Reading’¬†we do the following:

1. Get out things needed


2. Pick a spot

3. Get started immediately

4. Listen quietly

5. Follow the words and pictures

6. Listen to the WHOLE story

7. Put the materials up neatly


word work

When we do¬†‘Word Work’¬†we do the following:

1. Get materials

2. Get started immediately

3. Stay in one place unless getting new materials

4. Work quietly

5. Work the WHOLE time


Work on writing

When we¬†‘Work on Writing’¬†we work on the following text types throughout the year:

1. Recounts

2. Transaction writing- letters, emails, blogs, postcards

3. Procedures

4. Reports

5. Descriptions

6. Narratives

7. Explanations

8. Poetry

9. Persuasive texts

10. Diary writing