Grade 2 sleepover 2016

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We are so excited that our sleepover night has finally arrived. We will be playing games, having pizza for dinner and watching a movie with popcorn!!!  The teachers are hoping all the kids will be asleep by 9:30 but the kids keep saying NO!!!

J4 Art Excursion




What an amazing day we had!!! We saw so many different pieces of art and experienced the many different sites in the city. It was great to visit the galleries, but we also found the art we saw throughout the city was fascinating. From sculptures to people busking and playing music to graffiti on buildings… We had a lot of discussions about what art is and what makes something art!

Mother’s Day 2016

What a fantastic morning we had today!!! We had so many special Mums, Nannas, Aunties and friends come along and get pampered in the junior rooms. We had nail polish, massage station, biscuit making and lots of other fun activities!!! Thanks so much for coming and to all of the special ladies, we hope you have a fantastic day on Sunday and are very spoilt!!

The Junior School Police Incursion

Today the Junior School had a visit from two Victoria Police Officers. Senior Constable Steve and Senior Constable Sharon came to talk to the Junior Students about their role within the community. They showed us lots of different things the Police do including the Mounted Police and the Canine Squad. Just like when we had the Ambulance here, the students all loved getting into the Police Car and of course, turning on the lights and sirens! It was fantastic to be able to hear about all the great things the police do within our community.

Police Incursion from Coral Park PS on Vimeo.

J4 Community Walk

Today the Junior School went for a community walk through the wetlands. We started at the back of the school and walked down to see the Aboriginal ‘Medicine Wheel’. The students were all very fascinated to see the different animals made within the mosaic. We then continued over the bridge and had a bit of a rest watching the ducks. After a bit of a longer walk down to the playground area at the end of the wetlands, we were able to see the Hampton Park shops where we discussed the places in our community that we could see. Finally we stopped off to have some snack and then we walked all the way back up to the Milk Bar on Coral Drive to post our letters! All the students had a fantastic morning (although some had sore legs) and the weather was beautiful for us! Thanks to Grandpa Dave who also came along today to help!