In J4, we have been starting to look at writing procedures! Yesterday we worked in small groups to write a procedure about how to make a sand castle. We then swapped our procedures with another group and tried to follow their instructions. This showed us that we need to make sure we are very specific and detailed with our instructions as some groups didn’t have any sand on their ‘needs’ list!!


J4 Art Excursion




What an amazing day we had!!! We saw so many different pieces of art and experienced the many different sites in the city. It was great to visit the galleries, but we also found the art we saw throughout the city was fascinating. From sculptures to people busking and playing music to graffiti on buildings… We had a lot of discussions about what art is and what makes something art!

Mother’s Day 2016

What a fantastic morning we had today!!! We had so many special Mums, Nannas, Aunties and friends come along and get pampered in the junior rooms. We had nail polish, massage station, biscuit making and lots of other fun activities!!! Thanks so much for coming and to all of the special ladies, we hope you have a fantastic day on Sunday and are very spoilt!!