SchoolMate App

Have you seen the new SchoolMate App?? It is an essential App for parents of school-aged children. It has been made by the Department of Education and provides parents with a roadmap to help their child’s learning at home and at school.

You can download find out more information by clicking the picture below.

School Mate


J1 and J2 learned about how bread is made. We mixed flour, yeast and warm water in a bowl and then we all had a piece of dough to knead. It was very sticky!
We use a bread machine to bake a loaf of bread. The warm bread smelled great and it was delicious!

J1 at Chesterfield Farm

The Junior school is learning about where our food comes from so we went to Chesterfield Farm to visit the farmers and see the animals. Everyone had a go at milking the cow, we watched a sheepdog rounding up the sheep, we had a tractor ride and we learned new things. Did you know that the most expensive fleece in the world comes from the top of a camel’s hump?