Junior Sport with a Spin!

Every Friday, the Juniors take part in sport rotations where we learn new skills and put them into game situations.

This week we changed things up and had four different rotations: iPads with Stephanie, indoor soccer with Rebecca and Kim, outdoor games with Bill and Mrs Heard and art, sand pit and playground time with Lisa and Jill.

It was great to spend time doing things we enjoy, especially being outside on such a great day. Here are a few photos of us working hard! 🙂

Junior Sport


Place Value

Today was such a lovely day we decided to do some maths outside.

We learned all about the three ways to write a number (it’s name, it’s digits and it’s collection),

then we ordered our numbers from smallest to largest.


We wrote them on the ground to show how the numbers increased.


Maths with J3 and J4!

Out in J3 and J4 we have some new counting creatures! 

The Counting Frogs are here and their lily pads are helping us with our skip counting.

Today, some of us counted by 2s, 5s and 10s starting from 21.

We even skip counted backwards!

Check out our photo of the rare Counting Frogs and come visit them sometime!