J8 & J9 perform their CAFE rap at assembly

As the Juniors have been busy learning about Cafe reading this term, J8 & J9 decided to perform a Cafe rap at assembly. Pania wrote the rap for us and we spent 3 days learning it so we could tell the school community about our learning. Keep an eye out on the blog as we will post the lyrics and music so everyone can learn it. We hope you enjoy our video….J8 & J9

Super Subitising

In maths we did different activities using subitising. Subitising is when you can instantly recognize the number of objects in a small group, without counting.
Example: when you can see that there are 5 coins without counting.




J9 working on Subitising rotations


CAFE Reading uses the ‘Daily 5’

As part of the CAFE reading program we use the ‘Daily 5’ approach. Here is a little bit about it 🙂

Read to self

When we ‘Read to Self’ we do the following:

1. Choose a good fit book

2. Don’t sit next to friends

3. Stay in one spot

4. Read quietly

5. Keep body still

6. Read the WHOLE time

7. Get started right away

Read to someone

When we ‘Read to Someone’ we do the following:

1. Sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee (EEKK)


 Lukah & Jayden sitting ‘EEKK’

2. Stay in one place

3. Use a quiet voice

4. Read the WHOLE time

5. Get started straight away

Listen to reading

When we ‘Listening to Reading’ we do the following:

1. Get out things needed


2. Pick a spot

3. Get started immediately

4. Listen quietly

5. Follow the words and pictures

6. Listen to the WHOLE story

7. Put the materials up neatly


word work

When we do ‘Word Work’ we do the following:

1. Get materials

2. Get started immediately

3. Stay in one place unless getting new materials

4. Work quietly

5. Work the WHOLE time


Work on writing

When we ‘Work on Writing’ we work on the following text types throughout the year:

1. Recounts

2. Transaction writing- letters, emails, blogs, postcards

3. Procedures

4. Reports

5. Descriptions

6. Narratives

7. Explanations

8. Poetry

9. Persuasive texts

10. Diary writing

CAFE Reading Program

Junior school students have been using the ‘CAFÉ’ reading program. This program allows students to focus on their individual reading strategies that are selected from the CAFÉ menu board based on their assessment and conferencing with the teacher. While working on their focus reading strategies students complete a variety of ‘Daily 5’ activities such as reading to self, reading to someone, listening to reading, word work and working on writing.

CAFE reading

CAFÉ is based on four areas of reading and stands for:

C- Comprehension

A- Accuracy

F- Fluency

E- Expand Vocabulary

Keep an eye out for photos and videos about our CAFE Reading program 🙂

Junior School Blog

Welcome Juniors to your new Junior school blog! I hope you have lots of fun on here and post your work, photos and videos to share with others. All the Junior teachers look forward to seeing all of your hard work, dedication and achievements posted on here. Have fun and remember to be cyber safe! Let the blogging journey begin….